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To help identify resources appropriate to the level of experience and competence of the intended audience, resources have been classified into the levels:

  • Level I – Entry Is a new employee/trainee with little to no previous experience in the subject area and performs his activities under direct supervision.
  • Level II – Intermediate Understands and demonstrates skills (is competent) in one or more areas of the entry level and performs specific tasks under general supervision.
  • Level III – Advanced Understands and demonstrates specialized skills in a variety of tasks of the intermediate level and performs specialized tasks in limited areas or broad-based tasks with little to no daily supervision.
  • Level IV – Project Management (Administrator, Superintendent) Prepares and reviews plans and schedules for specific activities; oversees or manages day-to-day activities in one or more specific tasks on one or more projects covering a range of complexity and technical functions as well as geographic areas. Individuals at this level are accountable for resource management and are responsible for making routine and complex decisions. It is recommended that this role of personnel have mastery of skills defined for all of the preceding levels.

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