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The T2All electronic mailing list, managed by the New Hampshire LTAP Center, is for open discussion among people who are associated with LTAP, including FHWA, other federal agencies, partner organizations, and others.

To Subscribe: This is a closed list, which means you must be a member of the list to post a message. To subscribe to the list send an e-mail to the list manager at from the address (computer) you wish to use requesting to be added to the list. All administrative messages should be sent to the list manager and not to the list.

To Send a Message: To send a message to the list address it to . Include a subject line that accurately reflects the content of your message. This allows members who are not interested in the topic to bypass the note.

Archives: The archives can be found at They are organized by Postings Ordered by Subject Thread and Postings Ordered by Date. They are not updated until the day after a post is made.


  • The University of New Hampshire does not support lists of the purpose of solicitation of products although products may be discussed for the purpose of providing support to other members. This is a fine line; do not try to take advantage of it. Offenders will be warned if they cross the line, and removed if the behavior continues.
  • A flame is a message containing abusive content of any sort - name calling, profanity, ridicule of another member's beliefs, opinions, etc. Discussion of issues is encouraged but flaming will not be tolerated. If you disagree with another member's post, then send the note directly to the member and not to the list. If flaming occurs, the offender will be immediately removed from the list. This is at the discretion of the list manager and not open to dispute. Be careful with humor and sarcasm. Without voice inflection, messages can be easily misinterpreted. Subtle humor tends to get lost and may be interpreted as a flame.
  • Be brief. Never say in ten words what you can say in fewer. A good message is only one or two sentences long. Remember, the longer your message, the fewer people will bother to read it.
  • When replying to a message, please only carbon the entire list if your response is pertinent to all.
  • Please do not send encoded messages. Most people will delete these without reading them.

Other Electronic Forums

  • TTAP-Transnet: This list will be used to distribute information about Indian country transportation issues. The list is comprised of members from tribal agencies, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Federal Highway Administration, state DOTs, TTAP agencies, non-profit groups, private industry, and interested individuals. Since the list is intended as a method to share information, all list members can post an e-mail to everyone subscribed to the list. To send mail to everyone on the list, address an e-mail to:

    Please be considerate of other members, maintain positive communication and remember that commercial advertisements or endorsements are not permitted. Postings to the list are limited to TTAP-TransNet members and will be moderated prior to list distribution. If you know someone who would like to be added to the list, they can
    • Send an e-mail to with an add request and her/his e-mail address, first name, and last name
    • Go to the following URL: and select, Subscribe to one of CSU's other listservs, choose TTAP-TransNet, enter your e-mail address, first name & last name and submit the form.
    If you decide want your name removed from this list, you can use one of the following methods:
    • Send an e-mail to with your removal request and your e-mail address, first name, and last name
    • Go to the following URL: and select, Unsubscribe from one of CSU's other listservs, choose TTAP-TransNet, enter your e-mail address and submit the form.
    TTAP - CSU encourages members to post new information, questions, and feedback to the list members. Using listserv technology, we hope to make a vast range of resources available to all members. This provides an efficient, low cost method to distribute information and announcements such as legislation, regulations, meetings, conferences, and events related to the tribal transportation community.

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