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Graphics Collection

Thanks to the collaboration of LTAP and TTAP Centers, the Clearinghouse has a collection of non-copyrighted photos and clipart available on CD. This collection is designed to help centers find photos or clipart for websites, newsletters, training manuals, PowerPoint presentations and more. The collection is organized in a binder and has a thumbnail directory of the images for easy use.

For a copy of the collection or to submit new materials please contact:

Lisa Kelley McCluskey

, ext 408

Contribute to the Graphic Collection

Great photos and graphics are always in high demand, so we encourage you to share your new graphics with us. Image categories and corresponding category numbers are listed below:

  • 01 - Bridges
  • 02 - Environment
  • 03 - Equipment
  • 04 - Information Management
  • 05 - Management & Training
  • 06 - Materials
  • 07 - Organizations and Programs
  • 08 - Planning and Design
  • 09 - Risk Management
  • 10 - Roads
  • 11 - Safety
  • 12 - Signs and Signals
  • 13 - Snow and Ice
  • 14 - Traffic
  • 15 - Special Events
  • 16 - People

Please bear in mind that all submissions may be used by other centers and the Clearinghouse and that safety precautions and best practices must be represented in photos to be accepted into the collection.

Note: high resolution photos and graphics are preferred.

Please use the following naming convention:

State Postal Abbreviation (followed by a T if a TTAP Center) - Category # - # of Image - P for Photo or C for Clipart

For example, if Indiana was submitting two photos and one clipart image in the bridge category and the tribal center from North Dakota submitted one photo in the roads category the file names would be as follows:

LTAP/TTAP Center    Filename
Indiana - Photo 1 IN-01-01-P
Indiana - Photo 2 IN-01-02-P
Indiana - Clipart Image 1 IN-01-01-C
North Dakota Tribal - Photo 1 NDT-10-01-P

You may send your files using the following methods:

  • Mail: CD of files may be mailed to:
    Lisa Kelley McCluskey
    1219 28th Street NW
    Washington, DC 20007
  • E-mail: files may be e-mailed to Lisa Kelley McCluskey, however please contact her first to discuss file size.

    Lisa's contact information is as follows:

    , ext 408

Hard copies will not be accepted.

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