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LTAP/TTAP Database

The LTAP/TTAP Database contains a variety of information, including training materials and videos, tips from the field and Web-based resources.

The LTAP/TTAP Online Discussion Forum


The discussion forums offer LTAP/TTAP Centers a place online to exchange information and collaborate on ideas in a safe environment. The forums will automatically archive, are fully searchable and allow for users to sign up for notifications of new postings automatically via email.


The LTAP/TTAP Academy provides both new and current LTAP/TTAP staff with a broad overview of the national program and opportunities for continued professional development. Whether you are a new director, a part time staff person or a student helping out your Center, the online LTAP/TTAP Academy will help you learn more about how your Center fits in with the national program.

There are four sections in the Academy- Operations, History, Program Organization and Partnerships.

Road Scholar Program

Road Scholar Programs are developed and managed by Centers to provide training in the latest road-related technologies and innovations to all transportation workers. Although programs vary by Center, participation in the Road Scholar Program overall provides an increased knowledge and awareness of how and why road systems must be properly managed. The ideas, knowledge, and skills that participants gain through the workshops and training are an asset to their job development, strengthens agencies across the country, preserves the roadway infrastructure, and ultimately reduces the cost of maintaining roadways.

Find a Trainer

If you're looking for someone to help meet your training needs, check out our database of trainers.

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